May 16, 2007


Agony tears my body and soul,
My spirit in shreds I live.
With chains holding me back,
Incessant echoes of demanding commands,
Do this, don't do this, you fool, oh idiot -
Cry, laugh, apologize, now smile
Be a good girl, woman and wife
But I want to live, I want my life.

I want to abandon the race,
But what is the running for ?
Surviving, pitching forward,
a race I am bound to loose.
Longing to be myself again,
Pleading, praying to win the race
I want my life, I want my face.

Want to wear purple, blue and pink
Orange pants and beautiful mink,
Pastel mauve, silver and reds -
Tear away the uniform to shreds!
Live life and enjoy the sun,
Sing, dance, play and run,
Days away from tension and strife,
I want to live, but I want my life.

1 comment:

hemant said...

a life of my own...
a life which i never ownd...
sheddin tears of agony....
livin da colors of strife...
a life which i yearnd for...
so estrangd i lived my life....
cried at da helm of dawn...
a life of my own.....
a life which i never ownd...