September 13, 2007

Smoky Mornings

Every morning brings with it,
A smoke – a smoke of exhaustion
And through the smoke
I watch the flock of birds fly by
My eyes drinking in the cruelties,
And my starved heart weeping - alone.

In the haze of smoke,
I watch the people passing by
Wanting a pause in life.
Pause from the rules and regulations,
the trials and tribulations,
A pause from shadows of people
Who continue to haunt me.

Every night I talk to the stars,
And in a small voice
Pray for early dawn.
I wait for the golden sunbeam
Coming to spread hope –
Chasing the clouds away.

But when the dawn comes
My thoughts are silenced
By the same smoke and flock of birds
The sun sparkles
But the clouds prevail
And my eyes wait – wait for the golden sunbeam.

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