April 25, 2008

Dil Dosti Etc

One always thought - love is two people meeting, falling in love and then living happily ever after. This is one movie that shatters the myth. This is real life. There's nothing called love. Just plain sex. Sex, I repeat, and not love making.

The tagline of the film says - When you are young, you believe, the possibilities are endless...
What possibilities...one wonders after the film...possibilities that you can have as many girls as you want, in a day?

This urban flick, directed by Manish Tiwary, juxtaposes the lives of two university hostellers - Apurv (Imaad Shah), a rich listless guy and, Sanjay Mishra (Shreyas Talpade), an old-fashioned Bihari, aspring to make it big in university politics. It's through their story that the director tries to contrast the liberal outlook with the conservative outlook in our society. Through its ensemble cast, the film explores male bonding, voyeurism, sexual perversion, love and of course, betrayal.

But from a personal point of view, the film centres way too much around sex, sex and more sex...and the climax broke my heart. What a shame. Makes one realize that there’s no dearth of likes of Apurvas around us. What say?


walk the line said...

Interesting observation, must say Life certainly has changed now a days.
Values are getting diminished day by day, emotions don't really matter now a days. All it matters is living in a moment.
Enjoying is good. I have seen people getting into relationship where committment is not important but atleast they are straight forward to say its all about living in a moment. No point in thinking about future or past in which we do not have any control.
Physical intimacy does play an important role , so if someone is honest enough to say that we are indulging in a relationship where Sex is the motto and not marriage . I believe is not bad . love life , end of the day one shud be happy this way or other way

starDust said...

thanks for the warning ... wont watch this movie now. the movie's name is misleading though.. sex,dosti etc wld have been more apt.

starDust said...

u blogrolled me !! ....and made my day! :)