April 5, 2008

If You would Say

If you would say -
"You are not good enough"
I would then understand,
and perhaps
nonchalantly move on.

And if you would proclaim
"I am in search of a new game
a fair maiden,
with swaying long hair"
then I'll understand more so
and perhaps say -
I really don't care.

But then if you said
"Me plain bored out of life,
looking for, say
a new emotional strife"
this will amuse me more
and who knows
I may even wish
an abundance of such strifes
to keep you sore.

But then, I would not do that
of course,
have no points to score,
but then
how would you know
you soar to newer strifes,
leaving people sore.

1 comment:

starDust said...

This poem is really well written ... one of the best i've read on break-ups.